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The capital city of the south west Federal State of Baden-Württemberg has about 600,000 inhabitants, and lies in the heart of one of Germany's most industrialised regions, namely the central Neckar region. It grew from a stud farm that was constructed here in the 10th century to become the ducal (1321) and later (1806) the royal capital of Württemberg.

Stuttgart alone employs approximately 440,000 people, with a total of 1.3 million employed in the entire region. As well as being the city of cars, Stuttgart is also the city of books boasting a total of 130
publishing houses, including the famous Klett-Cotta, W. Kohlhammer, the Silberburg-Verlag, the Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, Ernst Klett and J. B. Metzler. Stuttgart has the highest number of book shops per capita of any German city.

Stuttgart lies in the middle of a beautiful valley, surrounded by
pictoresque hills.