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Saarbrücken is the capital of the German state "Saarland". It is mainly a modern industrial city, the leading industrial center of the Saar coal basin and an important road and rail junction, with an airport nearby. The city lies between the Rhineland and the French and Luxembourg frontiers. The city lies on the River Saar, a Moselle tributary. There are  major industries in iron and steel. Other manufactures include optical instruments, machinery, clothing, processed foods, paper, soap, cement, lime, metal goods, printed materials, and beer.

Although badly damaged in World War II, the city retains the 15th-century late Gothic Castle Church, the old city hall (1750), and a baroque church, the Ludwigskirche (1762-75). The city is the site of the Univ. of the Saarland.  Close to Saarbrücken, at Völklingen, is the Hütte Steelworks , a UNESCO World Heritage site.