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Mainz is a historic cathedral city situated on the banks of the Rhine roughly 40 kilometres west of Frankfurt. It is the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). This university town dating back 2000 years is situated on the rivers Rhine and Main. Mainz has a long and rich history, documented by Roman remains  and the magnificent buildings bequeathed by the princes elector of the Baroque period. Its French name, also sometimes used in English, is "Mayence". The city is an industrial, commercial, and transportation center. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, glassware, and musical instruments are produced; the city is also a trade center for Rhine wines.

In the 17th century the princes transformed the face of the city, commissioning the best architects and sculptors to build unique royal palaces and new churches. The close interrelationship of church and city history is documented by the imposing cathedral, which dominates the Mainz's striking skyline.

In Mainz visitors can find the international museum of printing "The Gutenberg Museum". It was here that Johannes Gutenberg, the developer of the modern print process was born. The museum is home to the famous Gutenberg bible. Other attractions include :  the 1000-year-old Cathedral; Electors’ Palace; Roman Jupiter Column (AD 67); ‘Sparkling Hock’ Museum; Citadel with monument to General Nero Claudius Drusus; old half-timbered houses; Mainzer Fassenacht (carnival); and the Wine Market (late August and early September).The city also boasts Roman remains as well as baroque and rococo buildings that blend beautifully with its narrow lanes and half-timbered houses. The sunny slopes of the Rhinegau Hills are centre of one of the world’s most famous wine-producing regions.

Located in Mainz, the ZDF( Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - The second German TV Channel)  is the largest TV-station in Europe. The weekly ZDF "TV-garden" is an open-air variety show that is taped each Sunday from the end of May to September. Mainz is a magnet for countless tourists. Attentive observers notice very quickly that the city was heavily destroyed in February 1945 by air attacks. Meanwhile even the rebuilding of the destroyed city is part of history.