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Karlsruhe is the second largest city in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, in Germany. The city lies in the heart of Europe, at the foot of the Black Forest and next to the Rhine River. Located in the economic powerhouse of the state of Baden-Würtemberg, With about 300.000 inhabitants is the center for shopping and cultural events for a region of about one million people. Today, Karlsruhe is home to two Supreme Courts, the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Supreme Court. Supreme Courts, the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Supreme Court.

Karlsruhe is a nice and friendly city. There are nice parks and woods all around and inside of the city. Here you'll find national scientific institutes and a large center for nuclear research,  recently converted into a research center for new technologies and microsystems. Naturally, this concentration of  scientific activities leads to a lot of „spin off„ companies, engaged in high technology and engineering products and services.

The environment is not being poluted by heavy industries. Typical for the city are the of service oriented companies such as  banks or insurance companies, engineering companies for electronic and software and of a lot of central state administration organizations. Also other companies have settled in Karlsruhe : food production, cosmetics, suppliers for car makers and logistic services.

University of Karlsruhe is one of the leading universities in all of Europe. It is also the oldest and most revered technical education institution in Germany. Founded in 1825, the University has awarded thousands of graduates from around the world with the most technologically advanced educations and the highest career qualifications obtainable. Student life and studies at the University and the International Department are very well balanced.

On the
cultural level, Karlsruhe is a city that has something to offer : The State Theater of Baden, a large concert hall, jazz clubs, several museums, art collections, and galleries are all intriguing places to share in German culture. The internationally famous Center for Art and Media Technology (Zentrum fόr Kunst und Medientechnologie) displays the largest collection of modern-day media art in Germany.