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Chemnitz (formerly and until 1990 Karl-Marx-Stadt) is the main town in the region called "Sächsische Schweiz" (Saxonian Switzerland).Chemnitz was founded on the river of the same name over 800 years ago. At present it is one of the biggest cities in Saxon region (257,000 inhabitants).  It was heavily bombed during the war and only a few of its historic buildings remain, such as the Old Town Hall with the reconstructed tower where you can admire a marvellous panorama of the whole city. (16th century) and the 800-year-old Red Tower.The present day Chemnitz is a city with quite some economic, scientific and cultural importance. It is the seat of the Technical University as well as numerous scientific institutes well known in the whole country.

The tourist route up to the Erzgebirge starts here. In these mountains silver was mined in the 15th and 16th century, which was the basis of the Saxon wealth and the financial source of Dresden development. This tourist route is known in Germany as 'The Silver Route', going through the Ore Mountains and linking the towns and mining centres connected with the mining past of this region.  Undoubtedly a tourist attraction is the Benedictine monastery built in 1136 on the highest urban eminence called 'the city's cradle'... Nowadays the Castle Museum has been seated there.

Tourists are also offered to walk along the architecturally interesting parts of the city like Kabberg or Sonnenberg which witnessed the interesting past of the city and the construction culture of the bourgeoisie in the period when Chemnitz was one of the most prosperous German towns. The remains of an industrial building as old as one and a half century are worth our attention. The wonderful stone buildings come from the period of development of the machine-building industry in the Saxon region, when Chemnitz had a world-wide fame as 'the Saxon Manchester'...