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Baden-Baden or "Spa City" is located 70 kilometres west of Stuttgart, 30 kilometres south, southwest of Karlsruhe and 40 kilometres northeast of Strasbourg, Alsace, France. With 51,000 inhabitants in 1986, Baden-Baden covers an area of 140 square kilometers, including the acquired towns and villages.

The Roman legions of the emperor Caracella, discovered the springs when they settled there in the 1st century and called the place,
Aquae. It was rediscovered by the nobility of Europe in the 19th century and became the most elegant and sophisticated play grounds in all of Europe, with splendid spas, a magnificent palace and the oldest casino in Germany.

In the belle époque the healing powers of the thermal mineral springs made Baden-Baden the elegant summer capital of Europe. Today it is still patronised by an international clientele who appreciate the quality arts scene and excellent leisure facilities.

Every year brings a packed programme of new highlights at the opera house, theatre, philharmonic hall and the city's museums and art galleries. But that is far from all -the annual festival, the casino, the racecourse, the fine wine and the Black Forest directly on the city's doorstep also provide virtually unlimited opportunities for leisure and entertainment...