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Augsburg is situated on the river Lech, and is the third largest town in Bavaria. It is one of Germany's oldest cities, founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 15 BC. It lies northwest of Munich and was once the financial centre of Europe. The city  was also the home of the Fuggers, a famous medieval aristocratic family and great patrons of the arts. The Fugger family built the world's first welfare housing project, the Fuggerei in 1516. Nearly 500 years later, this city within a city is still functioning as low-income housing

Augsburg grew to become a major trading centre. It was in the 15th and 16th centuries that this imperial city achieved its greatest prosperity, an such as a result of international trade and the banking business of the Fugger and Welser merchants families. During the Renaissance, Augsburg became an influential banking center and the city showed off its wealth during this era. The magnificent Renaissance buildings that give the city its unique character date from this period. Augsburg is sometimes referred to as the northernmost Italian city for its wealth of Renaissance architecture. The restored city hall is impressive for its Golden Hall with the elaborate gold-coffered ceiling and ornamentation.

Among the many sightseeing highlights of Augsburg is also the house where Bertolt Brecht was born in 1898 and the Mozart House, where the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.